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Spring 2022 Schedule

Read all about your favorite on-air shows to catch and when they’re playing next! At Tommy 88.1, we’ve got tons of popular shows to keep you amused, whether you’re trying to survive the morning rush on your way to work, or you love listening to WXTC to wind down in the evening, you can find out about our radio shows right here.


Classical WQED Simulcast

Daily 6 AM - 6 PM

Listen to classical music from WQED in Pittsburgh during the daytime hours when our students are not on the air.

Student Shows

Coming Soon

Every spring the Thiel College Media Department hosts a Radio Broadcast Production class, where students learn how create and host their own radio shows! Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see when they'll be on the air.

Genre of the Week

Mondays at 8pm

Join Christina every week as she spins a wheel to decide what genre will be played. It's always bound to be a good night!

Anything and Everything

Wednesdays at Noon

Anything and Everything is your one stop shop for an hour of uninterrupted music! Big John on the Radio hosts at 12 noon Wednesdays in the booth for non-stop verity bliss!  

Music ranges from Melodic rap to classic hits! 

"One Hit Wonders"

Fridays at 3 PM

One hit wonders are artists who are known for just one song, but do they really only have one hit? On "One Hit Wonders," we explore these artists' other songs to look for hits we may have missed.

Friday Night Sports Buffet

Fridays at 4 PM

Whether it be news related to Thiel College sports, Greenville/local sports, or even for the major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.) it gets out there. So, if you're looking for a weekly dose for sports content, tune it to the Friday Night Sports Buffet

House of Wax

Saturdays from 7 - 10

Join your favorite rock host Jake as he take you on a trip to the past playing the greatest hit of classic rock.